Wellness through Culture and Community Connections

Doctoral and MSW Program Training

United American Indian Involvement (UAII) is a community mental health agency specializing in working with the Native American/Alaska Native, and Latin American Indigenous communities in Los Angeles county. L.A. county is the largest urban Native American Indian community in the United States. UAII is committed to helping transform the experiences of multi-generational trauma common to Native American and Indigenous communities. Training includes trauma informed individual, family, couples, parenting, risk assessment, crisis intervention, and EEG neurofeedback treatment, and work with people of all ages, including 0-5, with a special emphasis in grounding all forms of treatment in the culture. In order to improve access to care, telehealth is also incorporated into treatment depending on need (in addition to coping with COVID-19 physical distancing and stay home orders).


Training Supervisors

Tiffany Ortiz, Psy.D.
Jennifer Alquijay, Psy.D.
Carrie Johnson, Ph.D.


Supervision and Training:

The supervisee’s experience at UAII begins with supervised orientation to the agency including: overview of Native American Cultural values and the concept of multi-generational trauma, reviewing HIPAA, training in domestic violence, child abuse treatment, working with DCFS involved families, discussing power and privilege issues – including white privilege, strengths based language, how to find strengths, and a discussion comparing and contrasting traditional western psychotherapy with community mental health practice.


Supervisees attend 1 hour of individual, face-to-face supervision each week, an hour of clinical training each week, 2 hours of group supervision and/or treatment team meetings, and staff meetings. Supervisees work along-side other staff therapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, other interns, case managers, and psychiatrists providing therapy with multi-disciplinary treatment team members. Supervision is viewed as a co-evolving process and strategies are tailored to the students developmental level.


Trainees will typically have 1 hour of direct face to face supervision (or telehealth supervision) per week, 1-2 hours of group supervision and training each week, and ongoing supervision and training in the Family Preservation program (a frontline clinical experience involving cases in the DCFS system focusing on risk assessment for children).


Trainees are required to record sessions either via audio or combination audio/video recordings.  Supervisors will review audio and video recordings.  Video recordings will be required at least twice per semester to observe clinical work with clients.  


Number of spaces available for trainees:  2-4 students yearly


Length of training:  Starts mid August and continues through the end of July of the following year. The supervisee’s experience at UAII begins with supervised orientation to the agency in mid August (about 3 full days before the school year starts) including topics mentioned above.  MSW training corresponds more directly to the school calendar. 


Weekly time commitment:  20 hrs per week – Wed is a required day for all students; Other days are more flexible and at the discretion of the student and supervisor


Required materials for application:

  1. Curriculum Vita
  2. 3 Letters of Recommendation
  3. Supplemental Application



  1. Drug test
  2. TB test
  3. Background check
  4. Fingerprinting (agency pays cost)
  5. Car required – insurable’s driver’s license


Postdoctoral Fellow Training Collaboration with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


7 Generations has the unique opportunity to have post doctoral fellows from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles provide services to our clients and receive training at our agency.  Fellows have either their Psy.D. or Ph.D. and are specializing in working with substance use disorders, with specialization in the assessment and treatment of Opioid Use Disorders.  Fellows work with 7 Generations 1 day per week during a 6 month long rotation. 

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