Wellness through Culture and Community Connections

Child Abuse

Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment program (CAPIT)

CAPIT is a free service supported by State Assembly Bill 1733 to prevent child abuse and neglect for at-risk families. CAPIT focuses on increasing awareness and support of protective factors to strengthen healthy traditions and relationships amongst children and their parent(s). The UAII, Seven Generations CAPIT Program provides mental health, parenting support, and case management services to any Native or Indigenous child and their parent(s). Children and their parent(s) need to reside in LA County, be ineligible for Medi-Cal Services, and live at any income level. Children and their families can self-refer, or be referred by community agencies, public organizations, or through the Department of Children and Family Services.

Child Abuse Treatment Program (CHAT) Services

Our Child Abuse Treatment (CHAT) Program is funded through the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. The CHAT program is devoted to providing confidential services for victims of child abuse. CHAT services include therapy, case management, court advocacy, Victim Compensation Program information and referrals, and victim witness assistance.

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